Scale Lights by Soft Works Ltd.
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Easy to use,  reconfigurable miniature lighting products

Scale Lights by Soft Works Ltd. offers low cost, easy to use, multi-effect, reconfigurable lighting products. 

All types of effects are available.  If you can't find what you want from our effects list, you can configure it yourself with our free tools or we will do it for you and add it our stock effects.

Setup at the time of ordering on-line or reconfigure yourself at any time!  Installation is as simple as applying power (soldering not required) and you are done. 

Our products are perfect for special effects at any scale for models, doll houses and model railroads including G, 0, HO, N, and Z.  We offer special light adapters for LED and filament bulbs to meet any application. 

Our stock special effects include: All types of fires (forest, hobo, fireplace, open pit, fire box, interior, exterior, BBQ), flames (candle, torch, welder, chemical), electrical (welder, high voltage, lightning, short circuit, tungsten lamps, bulbs, neon, strobe, beacons, light house, search lights, spotlights), emergency (vehicle, hazard, avionic) theatrical (chaser, multi color, strobe, patterns, random, spot, flood, patterns), architectural (multi-bulb chandeliers, chaser, fixtures, recessed, hidden, skylights, light pipes, garden, accent, pool lights, pond lights), simulated interior lighting effects (TV, movie projector, florescent lamps, fireplace, candle, oil lamps, etc..), signals (auto, traffic, crossings, emergency, numerical, tunnel, bridge, stop, readouts, time temp, railroad, train, boat, military), weapons (guns, mortar, cannon, rocket, explosions, mines), train lights (mars lights, ditch lights, flashing beacon roofcab lights, cab lights, Locomotive classification lights ), effects (flash bulb, strobe, fire works, sparklers) and user created any-color, any pattern effects.


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