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All methods are geared toward your specific product needs.


The first step in all our projects is to confirm in writing the client's needs. Once the specifications are approved, the next phase begins.

Preliminary Design:

The next step is to produce a design in cooperation with the client. This is also confirmed in writing and must be confirmed in writing before proceeding.

Detailed Design:

This step is technical and usually involves a detailed project plan. It may include Pert and/or Gantt charts that define critical paths and points of risk. A formal risk analysis may also be part of this design step. From the project plan, detailed budget and delivery dates are created.


In the case of client applications, rapid prototyping may be used to verify critical designs and/or high risk tasks. This may also include testing the human interface by the client and/or his customers.


Quality Assurance may include a test plan specification that is created after the requirements are approved. If there is a failure, the problem, such as software bug or design failure, is identified and corrected. This may involve changing the design or re-executing the existing design.


Manufacturing may require off-shore production, depending upon the quantity required. Small scale manufacturing is done locally.

Final Product Testing:

Prior to the new production manufacturing going online, there is a final product test and acceptance by the client.

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